A system for diabetics to lower their A1c

BlutsApp translates Doctor’s orders into a human doable system, resulting in a lower A1c.

Isn’t your A1c the single most important metric?

If your A1c is high, your life is short, you may lose body parts, and you piss all the time. You need to drive that A1c down as low as possible. I’m pretty sure you know that. And I’m pretty sure you know what you should do.


Are You Right for BlutsApp?

BlutsApp is a system for a specific type of diabetic: 

  • You're the type of diabetic who struggles with a high A1c.

  • You are a frustrated diabetic.

  • You feel like nothing works anymore.

  • You're a diabetic who has not given up.


You’re pre-diabetic. You have the chance to turn back diabetes with behavior modifications.

If you’re not that type of diabetic or pre-diabetic, then BlutsApp isn’t for you.



Why Pay?

The pay part is important for reaching goals. It’s amazing how a little bit of money can be motivating in the wee hours when you really want a bag of cheese doodles.

The internal monologue is so loud inside your head you’re pretty sure your neighbor will call the cops on you:

"The 24-hour gas station is oh so close. And my hunger for cheese doodles is oh so strong. But I’d break the streak of 35 days of no cheese doodles. Also, there’s the $89. Are 3.5 servings of doodles at 18 grams of carbs per serving worth it (pause for mental math) ― that’s 63 carbs and 8 units of Fiasp in the middle of the night. Am I nuts?"

Did your doctor give you a list of do’s and don’ts? Overwhelming. Unhuman was what it was. It wasn’t bad advice, just advice not easily taken, like a fish oil pill before yoga. And let’s face it, if it isn't easy to do, it isn’t getting done. We know that. Change for most of us is not desirable. We also know change is required. Diabetes marches on. It morphs over time. Living with Type 2 was once easy ― ‘fixed’ with a thousand milligrams of metformin. Now it’s frustrating because you can’t get your numbers down. You also can’t stop peeing or yawning.

BlutsApp encourages you to build up to four habits for 100 days, or in BlutsApp parlance: 4HDHs (four Hundred Day Habits). We create new habits bit by bit, day by day.


Hundred Day Habits


“Avoid a frontal attack on a long established position; instead, seek to turn it by flank movement, so that a more penetrable side is exposed to the thrust of truth. But, in any such indirect approach, take care not to diverge from the truth―for nothing is more fatal to its real advancement than to lapse into untruth.” 
― Basil Henry Liddell Hart, "Strategy"

Think back to the last time you committed to save more money. Maybe you’ve decided that the best way to save money is to spend less at the grocery store. It probably seemed like a reasonable goal. And you probably failed to spend less money 90% of the time. (I find it amazing how often I spend the same amount of money every weekend at the grocery store. Habits are habitual. :->)The goal was specific -- spend less at the grocery store. Only you probably didn’t consider how to spend less, you just know you should.

Maybe you could’ve declared Wednesdays to be meatless -- or even better -- Rice & Beans Wednesday. How about no wine Tuesdays? Take a bag lunch to work on Thursdays.

Not only are the actions specific, the day of the week is predetermined (less thinking = good). Note that I avoided Friday and the weekend and Monday. These are normally trigger days. You want to set yourself up for success. Why would you declare Saturday to be alcohol free? That would seem to promise failure (easier to go no alcohol period).

It may seem like a no wine Tuesdays is a small thing. Small things over time end up making a real impact. That little wine trick could save you over $500 a year. Of course, once you have one small success, why not strive for more?

Systems Make Change Doable

BlutsApp reduces the pain of change by encouraging well thought out habits to build and how to develop the tactics necessary to achieve them.   

After 100 days of BlutsApp, you’ll not only build habits, you’ll start to approach problems as challenges, and you’ll see new ways to approach these challenges. Real change happens after 100 days. The accumulation of small changes over time makes a huge difference in a diabetic.

My doctor suggested I make a concerted effort to always inject insulin 20 minutes before my meal. That small change over the subsequent three months produced my lowest A1c at the time.



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